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photography business coaching

If you like the practical, direct approach I take to tackling more general business problems, imagine how helpful it will be to have that approach directly applied to your specific issues and particular areas of concern. Contact me for availability.


business expenses coaching

$225 — Calculating your fixed expenses can be one of the most challenging aspects of designing a profitable business, whether you’re brand new or have been managing your business expenses for years. The Business Expenses coaching program starts with your completion of my comprehensive fixed expenses analysis worksheet. Afterward, we schedule a 30 minute call to discuss the results and talk through how you can optimize your expenses to increase your profit margins.

Pricing strategy coaching

$400— A successful pricing strategy involves so much more than plugging your costs into a calculator or trying to figure out what the other photographers in your area are charging. Pricing Strategy coaching involves a comprehensive needs and preferences analysis, followed by a one hour coaching call to go over your personalized pricing plan recommendations with product options.

Expenses & Pricing bundle

$550 — Because your individual expenses are the foundation of a successful pricing strategy, many photographers find that personalized help with both together makes the most sense.

Website review

$400 — Whether you’ve launched a brand new website and need someone to double-check that you’re putting your best foot forward or are trying to strategize about the changes you want to make for the next iteration of your current site, a website review will give you a comprehensive analysis of how your business comes across to a potential client and how it could be made better. Topics covered include branding, first impressions, navigability, copy strength, and gallery cohesiveness. A written action plan accompanies a 45 minute call to discuss the results.

Clarify your copy

$100/hour (2 hour minimum) — Stuck on how to convey your message? Hate trying to write your own “about me” page? Let me take the copy on your website, email templates, pricing menu, or prep guide and turn it into a siren song that calls directly to your ideal customer. I will work with you to understand your message and tone, then craft professional, personalized copy for you to use.