This Can't Be That Hard
This Can't Be That Hard
business help for busy photographers
Tintype by Riley MacLean Photography

Tintype by Riley MacLean Photography

Hey there, family photographers!

i'm annemie tonken, and I want to help you Run a business that brings you as much joy as the images you’re creating. 

Current statistics show that 60% of photographers close their businesses within the first year, and that of the remaining 40%, more than half fail in the 2nd year.


I’ve been beating those odds since I left my “real job” in 2010, and I fully believe that I owe my longevity in this competitive, constantly evolving niche to the fact that I’ve given equal attention and focus to my craft and my business. Along the way, I’ve seen too many highly talented people leave the industry… not because their photos weren’t good enough, but because they struggled to leverage their talent in a sustainable, manageable way. My goal is to help photographers save time and money and avoid some sneaky business pitfalls by sharing the lessons, systems, and strategies that have helped me achieve sustainable profitability in a business I love.

Running a successful photography business isn’t rocket science, but it does require a well thought-out strategy and a solid set of business tools. The good news is that you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

This Can’t Be That Hard… right? Right! (At least, it doesn’t have to be.)

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Step 1: make sure you have a crystal-clear understanding of how much money you need to make to be profitable.


understand your numbers

Do you ever wonder whether you’re charging enough for your sessions? Do you feel confident in your pricing? This calculator I built will take all the guesswork (and the math) out of figuring out what you need to charge in your photography business in order to be profitable… just plug in the info specific to your business (desired salary, expenses, etc.) and receive a personalized set of numbers that you can use to guide your pricing and your goals for the year!

Step 2: plug the numbers you’ve calculated into a strategy proven to achieve profitability with each session!


simplify your sales

Online galleries are notorious for low sales averages, but in-person sales are a ton of work (and not everyone’s cup of tea). A la carte pricing makes it hard to predict your income, collections never seem to suit anyone as written, and all-inclusive pricing can result in sticker shock, even while it leaves money on the table. After trying every last one of these (and finding all of them seriously lacking in one way or another), I have a solution that has improved my bottom line and made my life MUCH easier.