Episode 002: Why you need to get on the phone with prospective clients, and exactly how to do it

Last week, I mentioned that getting on the phone with prospective clients was one of the best ways to actually convert them from inquiries into paid clients, but it turns out that a lot of you aren’t 100% comfortable with that idea.

This week, I dive deeper into

  1. WHY you should get on the phone rather than fielding inquiries via email

  2. HOW to prepare for a prospective client phone call, and

  3. WHAT to say once you get on that call, including my complete, step-by-step script

Oh, and speaking of scripts, I have another freebie for you! Click the link below for a worksheet I created based on my own client call script that will walk you through planning to make the very most of your own script, complete with your personal preferences, pricing, and personality.

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Annemie Tonken