Episode 003: The Easiest Time Saver of All


I know it doesn’t sound terribly sexy, but creating email templates for all of your business correspondence will save you an INSANE amount of time every week!

Saving time (conservatively, an hour a day!) isn’t the only benefit, though: you’ll also reduce the number of potentially costly errors you make, and - my own personal favorite - you can protect yourself from the frustration and brain melt that happens when one of those frustrating, upsetting, or just plain annoying emails comes in.

In today’s episode, I cover

  • what kinds of emails should get turned into templates

  • how to create email templates without adding tasks to your to-do list

  • how to name your templates so you can find them quickly and easily, and

  • where you should store your templates for ease of use

Oh, and I put together a killer freebie for you this week: five pre-written emails so you don’t have to think twice about how to respond when one of the following emails comes in:

  • I’m not hiring you

  • You’re too expensive

  • I want you to do a bunch of extensive editing on the photos you’ve already edited for me

  • I want you to do some work for free… I mean, for photo credit

  • Why aren’t my photos ready? It’s been almost 24 hours since our shoot!

Annemie Tonken