Episode 001: Two Keys to Successfully Booking a Photography Client Lead

Hey hey… did you catch my very first Facebook Live for This Can’t Be That Hard? It’s pretty rough, but I decided I needed to get this “podcast” show on the road, and done is better than perfect, right?

One thing I totally forgot to mention 🤦‍♀️ is that I created a free .pdf companion to the episode that includes over fifteen quick fixes that make in your business to reduce friction and make the booking process easier for you and your clients… you can grab that HERE.

Fall is often the busiest season in a photographer’s year, which puts a lot of pressure on booking enough clients. It can be super-frustrating when you’re under the gun to fill your calendar and you find a client who seems like a great fit, only to have them ghost you somewhere between the day they contact you and the day you have a signed contract and a check in hand.

Sometimes you know why they didn’t book you - you’re outside their budget or you don’t have the date they want available. All too often, though, you have no real answer to that question… and sometimes the answer isn’t even clear to the potential client.

So today I wanted to talk about two important (and sometimes sneaky) factors that mean the difference between losing a client and getting a session date on the calendar:

>> [3:54] First up, I talk about the importance of KISS (Keeping it Simple & Streamlined). The goal is to make it as EASY as possible for your potential clients to contact you, understand your process and pricing, and book their session, so I give suggestions and examples of ways to do that, as well as some of the little mistakes that can get in the way.

>> [14:20] Second, I talk about the importance of inspiring confidence in your potential client. From your social media and website presence right through to your responsiveness and the professionalism with which you communicate, you want your client to feel sure that they’re in good hands if they choose to work with you. I talk about some important ways that photographers (even newer photographers) can leverage confidence to close the sale.

Happy booking -


P.S. Remember, if you’re looking to do a quick audit of your own website and business before the fall rush really hits, download my Client Booking Checklist below to help make sure you don’t have any hidden barriers holding your clients back!

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